Saturday, October 29, 2016

Week 3 of the Missionary Training Center - October 29,2016

Week 3 out of 78! Can't believe I'm almost half way done with the MTC! This week has seemed like an eternity to be honest. Just a very repetitive schedule of class, eating, more class, eating, and more class. By the time I go to bed, I can't remember that I ate for breakfast. The spanish is coming along though! Slowly but surely I'm able to speak more and more every day! The gift of tongues is real for sure! Also, all of the other missionaries that were in my zone before I got here have left and it was hard saying goodbye to all my new friends! Most of them went to Ecuador and Nicaragua! Kinda glad I won't be joining them over there haha but we got 2 new districts on wednesday to replace them so that was pretty fun welcoming everyone in! All the new missionaries have a little orange dot on their nametags so every time we pass someone with an orange dot, we yell "bienvenidos a la CCM!" (CCM is MTC in spanish) So now there are roughly 60 people in my zone which consists of 6 districts! You kinda get used to running into the same people 10 times a day haha It's been fun to meet all sorts of new people here and makes new friends! It's also so fun to run into people from BYU too! One of my best friends from BYU is here for another 2 weeks before she heads off to Denmark and it's so nice to talk to her every day! Also, shout out to all the people who send me dear elder letters! I absolutely love them and it's so nice to be able to read them throughout the week! Well, I gotta go but thanks for all the love and support!! Adios! -Hermana Thorstenson

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